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8 basic knowledge of silver jewelry you must know, remember to collect it after reading it!

1. Why are silver jewelry not sold according to grams?
When silver jewelry is sold, it reflects not only the value of silver itself, but also part of the craft value, which cannot be measured in grams, so it will not be sold in grams. With the development of craftsmanship, current silver jewelry is becoming more and more fashionable, such as inlaid crystals, zircons, etc., and some silver jewelry has coatings on the surface, etc., which are far higher than the value of silver itself.

2. Why does silver jewelry turn black after being exposed to light for a long time?
The chemical properties of silver itself are very lively, and the temperature of unplanted silver jewelry will become higher under the light so that it is easy to contact the sulfur dioxide in the air to produce a chemical reaction and produce black silver sulfide.

3. Why does color silver jewelry fade after a long time?
Color silver jewelry has different color effects because of different crafts and materials. Color silver, similar to gold and rose gold, is electroplated with K gold on the surface, and the plating layer will eventually reveal the color of the silver itself after abrasion. There are also some similar ceramics, glazes, etc., although they will not fade, they will also be oxidized. The glaze on the surface of colored silver jewelry cannot completely cover the silver tire. Wherever the silver edges are exposed, it is easier to oxidize, and the oxidized silver edges will turn yellow and black. Silver jewelry is easy to oxidize in the air, so color silver jewelry should not be directly exposed to the air.

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4. Which is better, 925 silver or 990 silver?
Both 925 silver and 990 silver have their own characteristics. This is mainly based on personal preference. 925 silver is a jewelry silver recognized by international standards. It perfectly combines craftsmanship and silver purity and can produce many fashionable styles. Therefore, 925 silver jewelry is generally rich in styles. Many domestic and foreign silver jewelry brands, For example, Tiffany, Pandora, etc., are generally 925 silver jewelry. 990 silver or 999 silver, mainly suitable for people with sensitive skin, such as children, many newborn babies’ bracelets or collars, generally 990 silver or 999 silver.

5. What are the solutions to the blackening of silver jewelry?
If the silver jewelry turns black, don’t rush to wash it with silver washing water. Silver washing water is a chemical agent, which also has a certain corrosive effect on jewelry. A silver cloth is your first choice. There are also some folk remedies, such as putting silver jewelry in cola overnight, or brushing with a soft brush dipped in toothpaste, or soaking it with overnight strong tea, etc. But remember to wipe the water dry with a cotton cloth after washing.

6. What is the difference between 990 silver and 925 silver?
The content of silver is different. 990 silver is silver with a silver content of 99%, and 925 silver is silver with a silver content of 92.5%. It is an internationally recognized standard for pure silver. The modern production process is generally to plate 925 silver with palladium and rhodium. Prevent silver from turning yellow and black under oxidation or vulcanization. At present, most silver jewelry is made of 925 silver, which is often used in inlaid, imitation K gold, and platinum styles, the hardness is different. 990 silver is softer than 925 silver, 990 silver is generally used to make plain silver styles of jewelry, such as bracelets, lock bags, etc.

7. Is 18KGP artificial jewelry good?
KGP is gold-clad or gold-plated, and 18KGP jewelry is more common. The jewelry itself is alloyed, but the surface is gold-plated, which is a kind of imitation jewelry.

8. What are the reasons why silver jewelry turns black?
Personal physique reasons: everyone’s endocrine and physique are different. Some people’s sweat contains more acid, some people’s sweat contains less acid, and some people’s body fluids contain higher sulfur content. These are all causes of silver jewelry surface changes. Black material, so everyone wearing silver jewelry will produce different results.

Air and other substances, such as cosmetics, etc. The sulfur, nitric acid, and oxides in these substances have a certain corrosive effect on silver. When silver jewelry is worn for a long time, the combination of sulfur and silver will form a black silver sulfide film on the surface of silver jewelry. It becomes black, which affects the surface gloss of silver jewelry, and people usually mistake it for discoloration.