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Acrylic Jewelry Box

US $ 4.33

Mini, transparent, acrylic cut surface, retro girl, cute jewelry box, ring box, earring box. This style is a mini jewelry box. Only one ring or a pair of earrings can be placed. Acrylic material, black lining or white lining can be selected.


Product Features:

Alloy material

dripping oil technique

hand-set diamonds

Product Parameters:

Name:Acrylic Jewelry Box

Purity: Alloy, opal,Enamel process


Product Size:4.9*3.5cm

Application and After-Sales Service:

Application scope: marriage and love, jewelry.High-end party, business party.Trade fairs, anniversary celebrations, business gifts.

After-sales service:

Seven-day guarantee (all products include customized products, non-quality problems are not supported for seven days without reason to return, and for unreasonable returns, a 20% product loss fee will be charged, please consult customer service for details)

Warranty service (Customer service enjoys jewelry repair service for life, such as electroplating, re-drilling, replacement of parts, etc. Please consult after-sales customer service for specific procedures and charging standards, and postage is at your own expense)

Product certificate (please consult after-sales customer service for the specific process and charging standards, and the postage is at your own expense)



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