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Clover Necklace

US $7.15

S925 Sterling Silver Necklace pure Topaz Necklace women’s Sterling Silver Natural Crystal Pendant Jewelry Gift. The future we had longed for is now in full bloom. The boy whom we have been alienated from is now holding the baby born with the same corrupt stomach. In the midnight of faint pain, awakening the years of squandering together, you taught me to be jealous. , I have made you proud, I am a burden you don’t want to unload, and you are my sweet burden.


Product Features:

S925 Silver.
Environmental protection electroplating.
Not allergic.
Comfortable to wear.
Not easy to fade.

Product Details:

clover necklace4

clover necklace5

clover necklace6

clover necklace7

clover necklace8

Product Parameters:

Name: Clover Necklace.
Color: Rhodium plating.
Size: 15mm * 13mm.
Weight: 4.2g.
Texture: 925 pure silver + zircon.

Application and After-Sales Service:

After receiving the product, it can be returned or replaced due to quality problems.

Product Process:

Selected international standard silver, exquisite hand polishing process, Color preserving and thickening electroplating process.


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