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Development of china’s silver jewelry industry

Since 2006, the amount of silver used in jewelry and silver jewelry in my country has surpassed that of traditional silver-using countries such as Thailand, Italy, and India for the first time, and now ranks first in the world. At present, my country’s silver jewelry processing industry and its market mainly have the following characteristics: The phenomenon of processing clusters is obvious. My country has now become one of the most important silver jewelry processing bases in the world, with tens of thousands of employees. Due to historical reasons and demonstration effects, my country’s silver jewelry processing has shown obvious clustering, mainly concentrated in Guangdong and Fujian provinces. Area. The processing of silver jewelry in these two provinces accounts for more than 90% of the processing volume in the country. Among them, Shenzhen is currently my country’s largest silver jewelry processing and wholesale center, with more than half of the country’s silver jewelry processing volume. China’s silver jewelry industry is an important part of China’s jewelry industry and one of the most important forces in the world’s silver jewelry market. My country’s silver jewelry consumption has always occupied a relatively important position in the total demand of the manufacturing industry. As the overall growth rate of my country’s silver jewelry consumption exceeds the growth rate of industrial application demand, the position of the demand in the silver jewelry field in the total manufacturing demand has further increased.

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The design, processing level, and construction of fashion brand accessories continue to progress. Driven by market competition, after years of development, the design, and processing level of silver jewelry in my country has also made considerable progress. Many silver jewelry companies have increased their investment. Committed to building an excellent brand, focusing on the development of brand culture, the expansion of terminal channels, and the improvement of R&D, design, and second art levels. It has established its own R&D and design professional team, and the industry concentration has gradually increased. It is worth the competition and the competition. Inferior market laws have begun to take effect, and the performance of the silver jewelry industry has moderately improved. Outstanding companies have earned a return in market share corresponding to their brand reputation, and their market share in the country has gradually increased.