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Dragonfly Necklace

US $8.99

S925 Sterling Silver Dragonfly water necklace, female forest micro inlaid moonlight stone Bone Pendant lock, personalized jewelry. After a heavy rain, the dragonflies gradually fly to the surface of the water, and the pictures of the dragonflies are brought into view. They are always youthful and slender. They take the posture of the dragonflies and create the vivid appearance of the dragonflies resting between the clavicles.


Product Features:

Selected 925 standard silver, adjustable tail chain, high-quality Moonstone, hand polished and polished carefully, thickened gold plating process, not easy to oxidize, durable wear.

Product Details:

dragonfly necklace 6

dragonfly necklace 7

dragonfly necklace 8

dragonfly necklace 9

dragonfly necklace 10

dragonfly necklace 11

Product Parameters:

Name: Dragonfly Necklace.
Color: Silver.
Chain length: 40 + 5cm.
Pendant size: 19 * 10.5mm.
Weight: 3g.
Texture: 925 silver + Moonstone.

Application and After-Sales Service:

After receiving the product, it can be returned or replaced due to quality problems.

Product process:

Selected international standard silver, exquisite hand polishing process, Color preserving and thickening electroplating process.


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