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Everlasting love bracelet

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Bracelet S925 silver Everlasting love bracelet Moissanite bracelet simple temperament gift jewelry. The Moissanite bracelet is super flash. The Moissanite itself is colorless. Because of its high refractive index, its fire will produce different fire effects in different environments with the intensity of light, all with rich fire. Shining and dazzling, you are as dazzling as the morning, and you are still with you in the twilight afternoon, see that the sunset is our long shadow, which belongs to our most beautiful light. Purity: Natural and pure, free of impurities, as flawless as true love. Eternity: not easy to fade, not easy to wear, symbolizing cherish as ever. Rare: The yield is scarce, the refining is time-consuming, and it is cherished and rare.


Product Features:

Selected 925 standard silver, selected 4A zircon, hand polished and polished carefully, thickened gold plating process, not easy to oxidize, durable wear.

Product Details:

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Product Parameters:

Name: Everlasting love bracelet.
Color: silver.
Weight 1.25g.
Texture: S925 silver.
Chain length: 16+3cm
Pendant size: 8.4mm in diameter.

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Application and After-Sales Service:

After receiving the product, it can be returned or replaced due to quality problems.

Product Process:

Selected international standard silver, exquisite hand polishing process, and color preserving and thickening electroplating process.

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