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Little Bee Brooch

US $9.99

Little bee brooch, lady’s bent pin, suitable for various occasions. Bees eat and drink dew, gather flowers and make honey, take bitterness for pleasure, be willing to contribute, regardless of personal gains or losses, even in the protection of rights, attack the other party to set a bee needle, and face the end of life without hesitation.The bees emerge in the morning glow and return in the afterglow. They are both dedicated and dedicated, absorbing the “sugar” of a hundred flowers, rain or shine.


Product Parameters:

Name:Little Bee Brooch

Purity: Alloy, rhinestones


Product Size: 5.2*4.3cm

Application and After-Sales Service:

Application scope: marriage and love, jewelry.High-end party, business party.Trade fairs, anniversary celebrations, business gifts.

After-sales service:

Seven-day guarantee (all products include customized products, non-quality problems are not supported for seven days without reason to return, and for unreasonable returns, a 20% product loss fee will be charged, please consult customer service for details)

Warranty service (Customer service enjoys jewelry repair service for life, such as electroplating, re-drilling, replacement of parts, etc. Please consult after-sales customer service for specific procedures and charging standards, and postage is at your own expense)

Product certificate (please consult after-sales customer service for the specific process and charging standards, and the postage is at your own expense)



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