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Necklace of beating heart

US $8.56

S925 Necklace women’s Sterling Silver Heart, clavicle chain, Chaowang red crowd design, gift Pendant. Zircon imported from Austria is vacuum electroplated and made of pure silver, which is not easily deformed. Pure hand craftsmanship, focusing on detail polishing, IPA inlayers devoted many years of inlaying and hand-made with experience. The use of double-arm suspension and suspension inlay technology makes the center of gravity of the main diamond unbalanced to 45°, and the main stone absorbs more light sources, which will sparkle with the pace.


Product Features:

Selected 925 standard silver, selected 4A zircon, hand polished and polished carefully, thickened gold plating process, not easy to oxidize, durable wear.

Product Details:

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necklace of beating heart8

necklace of beating heart9

necklace of beating heart10

necklace of beating heart11

necklace of beating heart12necklace of beating heart13

necklace of beating heart14

Product Parameters:

Name: Necklace of beating heart.
Color: Blue diamond, white diamond.
Texture: 925 pure silver + zircon.
Pendant size: 10.85 * 11.28 * 4.9mm.

Application and After-Sales Service:

After receiving the product, it can be returned or replaced due to quality problems.

Product Process:

Selected international standard silver, exquisite hand polishing process, and color preserving and thickening electroplating process.


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