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Star Moon Bracelet

US $5.02

S925 Sterling Silver Star Moon Bracelet women’s niche design simple personality temperament. Moon bracelet. S925 standard silver bracelet. Thick electroplating, moon and star pendant, high-quality zircon, white gold, exquisite gift, love lock design on the tail chain, preferred S925 standard silver, color-preserving thick electroplating, delicate hand-polished craftsmanship. A small romantic gift can deeply touch his heart.


Product Features:

Selected 925 standard silver, selected 4A zircon, hand polished and polished carefully, thickened gold plating process, not easy to oxidize, durable wear.

Product Details:

star moon bracelet6

star moon bracelet7

star moon bracelet8

star moon bracelet9

Product Parameters:

Name: Star Moon Bracelet.
Color: Silver.
Weight: 1.2g.
Texture: 925Silver.
Chain length: 16+4cm.
Application and After-Sales Service:
After receiving the product, it can be returned or replaced due to quality problems.

Product Process:

Selected international standard silver, exquisite hand polishing process, Color preserving and thickening electroplating process.

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