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Terms of use

Provide services to our customers in accordance with the following terms and conditions. If you use   Our shop, in   Our store buys products or uses them   The store function or service of our store, then   Our store will provide you with services / products or services according to these terms of use. Collectively referred to as“    Our store service “). use   Our store service means that you agree to these terms of use, so please read the following carefully. Because   Due to the wide variety of services, other terms and conditions may be required. For example, when a customer uses   Gift certificate or   Service, will apply   The guidelines and terms of service of the services (collectively referred to as the “terms of service”). If there is any difference between these terms of use and the terms of service, the provisions in the terms of service shall prevail.

About privacy

Please read and understand the privacy policy, as it is used by you   The same applies to services.

Electronic communication

If you use   Service, or from any device to   Send email, SMS or other communication with   Electronic communication. You can send notifications via email, SMS, mobile push or from   Your mobile notifications contact us how to publish messages electronically or otherwise   Services (e.g   Message center). Customers are collectively referred to as “electronic notifications”.) You agree to receive it. You have passed the legal and regulatory requirements   Notify you electronically of all agreements, notices, messages, information disclosure and other means of communication, and make such contact in writing, and I agree to do so.


Pass   All content provided by the service (text, graphics, logo, button icon, image, audio clip, digital download, edited data, etc.) can be downloaded from   Or content provider and protected by the United States and Japanese. Copyright law and international copyright law. Pass   All content edits provided by the service are   Is the exclusive property of and is protected by the copyright laws of the United States and Japan and international copyright laws. Unauthorized copying is prohibited   Information and images provided by the service.

Permissions and access to the store

Subject to these terms and conditions of service,   Or the content provider grants you limited, non exclusive, non-commercial and personal use (transfer and subcontracting)    Rights of services. This license includes rights to third parties    Resale and commercial use of the service or its content, collection and use of product lists, comments, prices, etc., to third parties    Secondary use of service or its content, excluding any third party. Download and copy account information or use it for other purposes, data mining or using data collection / extraction tools (e.g. robots). All rights not expressly granted in these or any other terms shall be   Or its licensors, suppliers, publishers, rights holders or other content rights holders. Without   Express written consent shall not be copied, copied, copied, sold, resold, accessed or otherwise transferred    Any part of the service is used for commercial purposes.    Trademarks, logos and other proprietary information (including images, text, page layout and tables) may be framed or framed without explicit written consent, and cannot be captured using technology. In addition, without   Explicit written permission shall not   The name or trademark of is used as hidden text such as meta tags. Unauthorized use is prohibited   Services and may only be used in accordance with applicable law. If you use it in violation of this Agreement and other terms of use   The licensed rights will be terminated.


To use   Service, you may need to log in to   Account and register a valid payment method. If you have problems selecting a payment method, we may charge you from other valid payment methods registered in your account. Click here to manage your payment method. You are responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of your account and password, limiting access to your account and activities performed with your account or password.
Denial of service, account suspension, license cancellation at your discretion   Service, delete and edit content, cancel orders, change or suspend promotions or promotions, etc. without notice, I reserve the right.

Comments, comments, communications and other content

use   Customers of our store services can post comments, comments, photos, videos and other content, and put forward suggestions, ideas, comments, questions and other information. However, these contents violate laws and regulations, OB blasphemy, threat, defamation, invasion of privacy, infringement of intellectual property rights and defamation of third parties, and are not applicable to any content solicitation, chain letter, mass email or so-called “spam” that is offensive or contains software viruses, political opinions and commercial purposes. Do not use false email addresses, fake others or organizations, or mislead your card or other content sources.    The right to delete or edit these contents is reserved (not mandatory), but the published contents will not be checked regularly.
If you publish content or submit materials, you can use, copy, modify, adapt or publish such content to the store unless the store clearly stipulates other arrangements   Our shop. The rights granted include non exclusive, free, permanent, irrevocable, complete sublicense, translation, derivative works, distribution and display in all media forms worldwide. If required, you are deemed to have been granted   Our store and Licensee have the right to use the name you submitted in connection with the content. You own or control all the rights of the published content, the content is accurate, and the use of the content you provide does not violate this policy, and we declare and guarantee that any other person or organization will not harm and will   Our buyer makes compensation for all claims arising from the content provided.    Reserves the right to monitor, edit or delete any action or content, but has no obligation.    We are not responsible for any content published by you or any third party.

Allegations of infringement of intellectual property rights

Respect the intellectual property rights of others. If it is determined that your work has been copied or used in a manner that constitutes copyright or intellectual property infringement, it will be in accordance with   Intellectual property infringement allegations and their procedures.
Contract conclusion
An order from a customer is an application for a product purchase contract. No matter which payment method and transportation method you choose, if you order by   Your application will be accepted and an agreement will be reached.
Returns and refunds
After receiving the refund, we will return the products to our supervisor in the order of receiving the refund. The time from receipt of goods to completion of refund processing depends on